Our Objectives

With the birth of a child, a dream is born. Dream of his parents to make him a successful person but many dreams get shattered due to unavoidable circumstances. Poornima Paathshala is an effort to fulfill such dreams. Paathshala is an initiative by Poornima Foundation to bring smile on million faces that are eager to step forward into the world of competition and aspire to become a successful person. This campaign has been initiated to educate the underprivileged children and bring the light of knowledge in their darkness of poverty. Quality and meaningful education is the prerequisite for child rights. Paathshala believes that poverty, illiteracy and child labor are part of a triangular paradigm, forming a vicious circle, where each is a cause and consequence of the other. Education is the key to prevent child labor, child trafficking and all manifestations of violations of child rights. It offers to underprivileged adult and children a chance to escape from poverty. It is thus an essential tool for the economic, social and cultural development around the world.

Objectives of Poornima Paathshala:

  • Education should be accessible to all children
  • Educational instruction must be of an excellent quality.
  • Create educational awareness among local rural areas.
  • To provide basic computer education to the children in between the age group of 12-18.
  • Connect technology with the rural areas through education.
  • Campaigns to spread awareness regarding Right to Education.
  • Providing books & stationaries to children.
  • Inculcate new talents amongst the children according to their interest.
  • Develop habit of reading & learning amongst children.

Child Education & Development:

Poornima Paathshala aims to establish an educated society by providing quality education to the young ones regardless of their social and economic status. It ensures overall development of the child to make him self-reliant and a responsible member of the society. Education also consists of a form of learning which is necessary for the development of one’s personality and identity, as well as his physical and intellectual capabilities. Education permits, notably, the transmission of common principles to new generations, and the conservation and perpetuation of social values. Under Poornima Paathshala around 150 children from nearby village studies and learn to live life in a better way. Students enrolled in institutes of Poornima Foundation take regular classes and conduct various sports, Cultural & recreational activities.